25 ways to be Truly Happy by Sri Sri


the context of your life

Look at your own life in the light of time. Millions of years have passed and millions will come. Your span of life is not even a drop in the ocean.

This understanding dissolves the ego.

Awareness dawns in the mind, and you will stop worrying about little things.

You will be able to live every moment of your life happily.
See the impermanence in this life. That is the truth.

Turn back and see that all that you did is like a dream. All has passed, the whole thing is finished.

There is a reference point by which you can say things are changing.

That reference point is the source of life.


Life’s Impermanence



your smile cheaper

The more successful people keep a very stiff face. Is being stressed a sign of prosperity, growth or dignity?

When you smile, all the muscles in your face get relaxed. The nerves in your brain get relaxation, and you get the confidence, courage and energy to move on in life.

Take a challenge: “Come what may, I am going to smile today and be happy!”
Enthusiasm is the nature of life.

Take every opportunity to praise others and support their enthusiasm.

How would you like to see yourself ? Happy and bubbling with enthusiasm or dull and difficult to please?

Become one whose enthusiasm never dies.


enthusiastic and praise others



meditation a part of your life

Deeper you are able to rest, dynamic you will be in activity.

Meditation is accepting this moment and living every moment totally with depth.

Getting in touch with that something that doesn’t age, brings beauty in life. That is meditation.

Before the body leaves you, you learn to leave everything. That is freedom.
That most beautiful place is within you!

When you come to this place, then, wherever you go, you add beauty there.

Take one week off every year for yourself, like you take your car for servicing.

During that time, align yourself with nature, wake up with the sunrise, do some exercise, eat proper food, just as much food as necessary, some exercises, yoga, and some breathing exercises, a few minutes of singing, and then some silent moments, enjoying the creation.

Go to

the most beautiful place




When you are centered, you become a powerful communicator

If you are faced with someone who knows more than you, be like a child and keep your ears and eyes open for learning.

If you are faced with someone who knows less than you, be humble and strive to make them as good as or better than you.

This world is varied beyond our imagination, and there’s always something to share, learn and teach.
Though many times struggle and frustration have brought out creativity in some people, millions of people in the world are struggling or frustrated, but they are not creative.

A few quiet moments are sources for creativity.

Some time during the day, sit for a few minutes, get into the cave of your heart.

But, during the day be 100 percent attached to your work.


out time for yourself



the world around you

Life runs with commitment. For life-energy to move in a direction, commitment is essential.

Greater the commitment you take, easier things are and greater the resources will come to you automatically

Commitment will always bring comfort in the long run.

Make a commitment to make this world a better place to live.
Lack of service can land a person in depression. Instead of thinking “What about me?” and “What can I gain from this world?”, think “What can I do for the world?”

But service without spirituality will be shallow, and cannot be sustained for a long period.

Seva brings merit; merit allows you to go deep in meditation; meditation brings back your smile.

When you sing and pray from your heart, your emotions are nourished and you become lively.


your emotions



short and long-term goals

Plan your short and long-term goals. Then, and only then, life gets a channel, a direction to flow.

Not only should you plan your goals, but plan the means and methods to work towards them.

Where would you like to see yourself after three years? After 20 years? After 40 years? Don’t be feverish about the results.

Do not make a list of all the things you want to achieve. Select only a few things that really matter.
Prayer nurtures values like integrity and honesty

Prayer happens in two situations, or in a combination of situations. When you feel grateful or when you feel utterly helpless. In either case your prayers will be answered.

What you can do, you do. What you cannot do, you pray for!

Whatever you do, know that the higher power has the final say and it will always be for the best.


is a vital tool



changes if needed

Your body, your emotions, the people around you and the world everything is changing.

You know there is a need for change to improve your life, but you feel secure in the old pattern.

You have to see whether something gives you short-term joy and misery in the long run or short-time pain and joy in the long run.

Use your intelligence and courageously implement changes when you feel that there is a need for change.
Every time you are unhappy or miserable, you are just coming in touch with your own boundaries!

At that moment what can you do? You can just say, “My Lord, my God, You made me become aware of my boundaries. You bring peace. I am giving it all to You.” That very moment you will start smiling.

It is a test of the moment - Are you in the boundaries? Or are you maintaining your boundless and the innocent love in the heart?


your limitations



not lose your friends

A magnanimous person will not pick on the mistakes of others and make them feel guilty; he will correct them with compassion and care.

To correct mistakes you need authority and love.

When you allow room for mistakes, you can be both authoritative and sweet
The world appears imperfect on the surface but, underneath, all is perfect.

In this world, everything cannot be perfect all the time. Even the best, the greatest of actions, performed with the noblest of intentions, will have some imperfections

Unfortunately, the tendency of our mind is to grab the imperfection and hold on to it. And, in the process, we end up making our moods, our minds imperfect


look for perfection



us be unpredictable

We often behave like machines.

A compliment makes us smile and an insult makes us frown.

You have the freedom to respond differently.

As people have a right to question, you have the right whether to answer or not.
Humour will grease all tough situations. One who has humour can sail through any conflict.

Humour brings everyone together. The wise use humour to bring wisdom and to lighten situations.

Humour is not just words, it is the lightness of your being


a sense of humour



be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes of the past are past.

Whatever mistake has happened, do not consider yourself a sinner because in the present moment you are again new, pure and clear.

Every time you try to defend your position, it makes you more and more weak.

When you are totally defenseless, that’s when you’ll be strong.
There are good people and bad people in every community

Your prejudice against gender, religion, caste and class does not allow you to mingle with everyone around you.

At the same time don’t be shy about your identity.

When you overcome prejudice, you will be very natural, and your quality of life will improve.


your prejudice



that “I am blessed”

The feeling that “I am blessed” can help you overcome any failure.

Once you realise that you are blessed, then all the complaints disappear, all the grumbling disappears, all the insecurities disappear, a sense of not being loved disappears, wanting love disappears.

All the seeming failures are only stepping stones for greater success
Have you ever done acts of kindness without expecting anything out of it?

You don’t have to plan acts of kindness. Just do something spontaneously.

When you do random acts of kindness, you come in touch with your true nature.

All the gifts you are carrying in your life are for others


random acts of kindness



a student, always

Knowledge may come to you from any corner.

Each occasion teaches you and each person teaches you.

When you are always looking to learn, you will stop underestimating others.

Humility will dawn in your life.
Not a year should pass without doing something creative.

We are all born in this world to do something wonderful and unique; don’t let this opportunity pass by.

Give yourself the freedom to dream and think big.

Many a time people who dreamt big were ridiculed, but they remained strong to achieve their goals.


the impossible



your performance

In the past year, how many days were you in sanyas? How many days were you struggling, being caught in maya?

Turn back and remember the whole year. Do not run away from anything. Do not reject anything.

Learn and unlearn from the past, and move on.