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Truly Happy is all about
The Inner Joy - What You Truly Are.

What is Truly Happy?

Truly happy is a global happiness platform powered by the Art of Living Foundation that offers practical tools that empowers happier individuals, happier communities and happier workforces!

Upcoming Workshops

Learn what makes Happiness Workshops different
  1. Not just philosophy but based on 5000 year old scientistic principals & techniques that will transform you from inside-out!
  2. Emotional Fitness - ways to gain mastery over your emotions and mind
  3. Improved Relationship
  4. More Energy and Productivity
  5. Reduced Anxiety and Depression
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Experience Happiness


It’s time to Blossom in your Smile

This guided meditation centres around the smile and the positive effect that smiling has on our body.


25 ways to be Truly Happy by Sri Sri


Free Happiness Workshops

Join one of our fun and engaging workshops designed to cultivate happiness and contentment
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Track Happiness

Track Happiness with Sri Sri

Track what makes you happy or unhappy! Practice gratitude when you are happy and drop your botheration when you are sad

Share Happiness

Use our Happy Cards to share Happiness! It is too precious to keep it to yourself.
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