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Truly Happy is all about
The Inner Joy - What You Truly Are.
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Experience True Happiness
Find a free Happiness Workshop near you to learn practical tools that have transformed the lives of 20 million people worldwide.
Find a Happiness Workshop Near You
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Learn More About Yourself
Track Your Happiness
Track what makes you happy or unhappy
Track Your Happiness
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Experience Happiness

Join Free Workshops
Help yourself to happiness

Find a
workshop near you

Join one of our fun and engaging workshops
designed to cultivate happiness and contentment

yourself to happiness

You will be truly happy when you
realize it only takes “YOU” to be happy

Happy Cards

Get Inspired, Share Happiness! It is too precious to keep it to yourself.

Track Happiness

On the go!
Track your happy moments! Practice gratitude when you
are happy and drop your botheration when you are sad.
Learn about yourself
Track things which makes you happy or unhappy, download your free Happiness Tracker
Global Happiness
What is your happiness score? What can you do to be happier in life?
Take the Global Happiness Survey to find out!

Grow Happiness

"True happiness is where the wanting & desires end and the sharing begins. Graduate from
taking to giving, grow your happiness by sharing".
Be a Happiness
You can help foster happier communities and workplaces by hosting a free happiness workshop with one of our trained faculties. Submit your request below and we will be in touch with you
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Support the happiness movement with your tweet or a Facebook status in just one click! We will speak with one voice on August 25.

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